Welcome to Braunston England

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Welcome to Braunston England

Welcome to Braunston England

Located in England’s Northhamptonshire County is a small, country village called Braunston. With a population below 1,800 residents, Braunston retains a quaint, sleepy town atmosphere.

For 150 years during the Industrial Revolution, Braunston was an important part of the transporting industry, having the Grand Junction and Oxford Canals crisscrossing in the heart of town. Boatmen used this junction to transport coal and other commodities to London and other communities around the clock. So important was Braunston to the shipping industry that two railroad stations were built in the mid- to late 1800s to help expedite goods throughout the country.

In these modern times, the canals are no longer used to transport goods, but they have not been abandoned. The canals are used daily by tourists and boaters traversing miles of waterways throughout England.

Originally built in the 1770s, Braunston Marina was the waterway depot for the Grand Junction canal. Today it boasts several stores catering to boaters, including long boat sales and rentals, repair shops, provision stores and 250 mooring rentals.

The marina also hosts the annual Braunston Narrow Boat Rally. For the weekend, Braunston Marina features a display of over 80 historic working boats.

After taking a leisurely cruise down the canals, be sure to visit some of the canal-side pubs and eateries, including The Admiral Nelson, which offers canal-side seating, and The Boat House, which offers overnight moorings for boat patrons. Gongoozler’s Rest cafe offers breakfasts and burgers and is regularly moored outside of Braunstone’s small waterways museum called The Stop House.

There are several other tourist attractions in the area, including St. Peter’s Church in the medieval village of Wolfhampcote and the All Saint’s Church, which has a separate graveyard just for boaters. Warwick Castle and Stratford-Upon-Avon are also just a short drive away.

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