Favorite Travel Destinations in England

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  2. April 3, 2013 5:19 pm

Favorite Travel Destinations in England

Three Timeless English Holiday Destinations

England still ranks high on the list of holiday options because of its stunning scenery, abundant outdoor activities, and its dominant place in world history. The modern, cosmopolitan city of London almost makes one forget the region’s cultural and historically rich past. However, the country’s many museums serve as a reminder of its literary contributions and role in one of the world’s empires. There are so many things to do and see throughout England’s 48 geographic counties that one trip may not suffice. Here are a few popular travel options for those who crave the beauty and refinement of yesteryear.

1. The Cotswolds
The Cotswolds extend to the country’s south-west and central west regions and is an area of abundant natural beauty that invokes thoughts of picturesque English gardens and quaint villages filled with historic, limestone hewn buildings. Places to see of particular note in the northern Cotswolds are Sudeley Castle at Anglo-Saxon Winchcombe and Cheltenham which is the spa town made famous by the patronage of King George III. The Cotswolds boast lush, verdant hillsides that provide the ideal setting for the area’s agriculture and livestock. This bodes well for those seeking a healthy, locally sourced menu while visiting the area’s renowned restaurants.

2. Cornwall
The county of Cornwall was the ancient homeland of the ethnic Cornish people of Celtic descent. Much of their culture and language survived the Roman conquests as well as the many inter-tribal squabbles. The climate and topography of the area is pleasing, and its gardens and moors are favourites amongst nature enthusiasts. Tintagel Castle, reportedly the birthplace of the medieval King Arthur, is also one of the area’s major attractions.

3. Brighton
The sunny, seaside town of Brighton has inspired Regency-era literary plots as well as royal residences like the Royal Pavilion due to its timeless appeal. The area offers some unique examples of Regency and Victorian period architecture like the Preston Manor and Gardens and the Brighton Theatre Royal where one can view the latest musicals and plays whilst on holiday there. However, Brighton is not a city to rest on its laurels; beach activities mix effortlessly with the pervasive modern art culture establishing Brighton as a trendy, chic seaside resort in keeping with its past reputation.

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