Favorite National Parks in England

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  2. May 11, 2013 1:38 am

Favorite National Parks in England

Sampling The Natural Beauty Of England’s National Parks

The national parks of England provide the lovely serenity that is just the tonic that busy city dwellers need to recharge their batteries. The epic landscapes of the 10 parks within the British National Park Authority consist of lush valleys, moors, lakes, and mountains. The long battle to establish the national park system was won during the mid 20th century, and it was only after Parliament passed the Landmark Act that the government allocated space to create national parks for public enjoyment. Collectively, these parks represent samples of the natural beauty present throughout the nation. Here are a few notable parks in England.

The Peak District
Before the Landmark Act established the Peak District National Park, the region had been the inspiration of many poets and authors. For example, Jane Austen praises the district and the surrounding county of Derbyshire as the finest region in England, and she used the area as a setting in her famous novel Pride and Prejudice. While the gently rolling hills are not quite in keeping with the Peak District name, it provides scenic, wide open spaces and trails for walking tours and cycling jaunts. The verdant, green moors and hills are fed by abundant rainfall and pristine spring fed rivers that add to the appeal of the area.

The Lake District
The stunning scenery of the Lake District also inspired the literary greats of the 19th century, and the National Park system had its roots in the writings of the famous poet Wordsworth who claimed that the Lake District should be a sort of national property to be enjoyed by all. The nature loving public fought legal battles for almost a century to make Wordsworth’s statement a reality. It only takes one glance at the panoramic views of the lakes from the gorgeous surrounding mountains to see that the fight to make the land public was worth it. It is now one of the most popular holiday destinations in all England offering outdoor attractions that appeal to nearly everyone. While taking in the stunning scenery, many visitors go fishing, kayaking, and cycling.

South Downs
The brilliantly white, sheer chalk cliffs that drop straight down to the contrasting blue coastline sets the South Downs National Park apart from the rest. Popular activities at South Downs are horseback riding, cycling, and paragliding.

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